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All of Velvet Skincare soaps are made by hand using all natural, 100% vegan ingredients.The Simple Benefits of Using Handmade Soap

Keeping healthy looking skin throughout the years is not something that needs to be difficult. Many people find themselves with a variety of issues, not knowing that they are doing it to themselves. Every time you shower with the wrong kind of soap or body wash, you are putting toxic elements on your skin. Do that often enough and you’ll no doubt end up with a variety of skin rashes, break outs, and more. Most don’t even realize it. Certainly soap isn’t going to be to blame for these issues, right? Unfortunately, there are a lot of toxins found within the ingredient list of many soaps today. To offset that, you’ll want to focus on switching to handmade soap that has 100% organic ingredients.

Not All Soap Is The Same
People have this assumption that all soaps contain the same ingredients. That is not the case at all. When you start to break down the difference between natural soap and traditional bars, you’ll see that there is a huge difference. Not only are there different chemicals, there are additives, fragrances, and much more that go into the traditional bar. All in all, you could be putting a lot of pharmaceutical elements onto your skin, which then get absorbed into the dermal tissue. This directly contributes to the signs of aging, as well as skin irritation and more.

Drying Out the Skin
For those that are not using vegan soap at all, consider how traditional options can dry out the skin. The reason why they dry out the skin so badly is because they are not made with moisturizers. You’re going to have a hard time replenishing the elasticity of your skin when you’re using a regular bar of soap. That’s why it’s very important that you look into switching to something that is going to be beneficial for your skin. When you use natural options, you’ll be introducing natural ingredients, and moisturizers that will help replenish the cell elasticity of your dermal tissue. You’ll not only have softer skin, but you’ll be 100% clean as well.  

Peace of Mind
The biggest benefit of going with handmade soaps is in regards to peace of mind. When you and your family switch, you’ll start to see changes in the cleanliness and scent of your skin after the fact. You’ll also have peace of mind that you are not putting toxins in your skin. Remember, your skin is made up of several layers and it absorbs a lot that gets put on it. If you are not careful, you could be absorbing the wrong things, and that could prove problematic over time.

When in doubt, switch this up once, and see how your skin reacts. You’ll find that natural solutions will trump others every time. From the way that your skin feels, to the elasticity, and signs of aging. There’s just so much greatness in store, so test this out and see what happens when you go with an organic cleanser, as it will pay off dividends in time.

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Handmade Lavender Soap
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