Australian Eucalyptus Soap Bar

Handmade Soaps

All of Velvet Skincare soaps are made by hand using all natural, 100% vegan ingredients.The Simple Benefits of Using Handmade Soap

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Australian Eucalyptus Soap BarAustralian Eucalyptus Soap Bar
Blue Jasmine Soap BarBlue Jasmine Soap Bar
Handmade Lavender SoapHandmade Lavender Soap
Charcoal Tea Tree Soap BarCharcoal Tea Tree Soap Bar
Coconut Lime Soap BarCoconut Lime Soap Bar
Honeysuckle Soap BarHoneysuckle Soap Bar
rose handmade soaprose handmade soap

Gentle Rose Soap Bar

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Lavender Bath SoapLavender Bath Soap

Lavender Bath Soap

Lemongrass Bath SoapLemongrass Bath Soap
Lilac Rose Soap BarLilac Rose Soap Bar
Charcoal Bamboo Loofah SoapCharcoal Bamboo Loofah Soap
citrus loofah soapcitrus loofah soap
Eucalyptus Peppermint Loofa SoapEucalyptus Peppermint Loofa Soap
rose loofah soaprose loofah soap
Milk + Honey Bath SoapMilk + Honey Bath Soap
oatmeal almond soapOatmeal Almond Soap Bar
Peppermint Tea Tree Bath SoapPeppermint Tea Tree Bath Soap
Peppermint Tea Tree Soap BarPeppermint Tea Tree Soap Bar
Sandalwood Bath SoapSandalwood Bath Soap
Vanilla Tangerine Soap Bar
Wild Flowers Bath SoapWild Flowers Bath Soap